Press release

Press release
Tilburg, 20 February 2012

´I am reaching a new level of excitement´ World premiere of Itamar Serussi’s mono April 3rd 2012 in Theaters Tilburg (The Netherlands)

On April 3rd 2012, Danshuis Station Zuid will present in Theaters Tilburg (The Netherlands) the world premier of mono, the newest dance piece by Itamar Serussi. It will be the first full-length work by the young choreographer, whose piece Ferrum was showed recently at the prestigious Gala van de Nederlandse Dans (Gala of Dutch Dance).
CoincidencesThe inspiration for mono came to Itamar Serussi while buying a pram for his newly born twins. The advertisement said ‘In three clicks from mono to duo’ and it made him realize that life is just about that. In effect, mono is about several effects, directions, decisions and happenings coming together, and thus creating something new. Things that somehow ‘click’ in place as well. As his own life does right now with the birth of his two kids, the international acclaim he experiences and this first chance to make a full-length dance piece for the theater.

Special campaignAs fits a piece like mono, the advertising campaign around the dance is as special as the piece itself. The campaign literally follows step by step the way in which Itamar works. Every step or invention can be translated into communication: a teaser, poster or something else. On his blog en through social media Itamar keeps track of how the process is going. Students at the same time work on ideas on how to create extra attention for mono and give the premiere a special touch.
About Itamar SerussiHe is praised for his willful dance idiom, is stepping internationally in the spotlight and has since 2010 been artist in residence at Danshuis Station Zuid. Itamar hit the ground running and isn’t about to stop. ´I am reaching a new level of excitement.´ Itamar Serussi Sahar (Israel, 1978) started his dance education at the age of 15 at the Israelian Dance Academy. In 1996 he started dancing at the famous Batsheva Dance Company, whereupon he developed his own, explicit style. He experiments with physical boundaries by using humor and improvisation and tries to break through traditional dance. Is work is playful, light and elegant. Fluent movements go over seamless into straight lines. All his pieces are the result of the synergy between him, his surroundings and his dancers.

Itamar and Danshuis Station ZuidItamar started his cooperation with Danshuis Station Zuid as a dancer, in the piece Mind the Gap by Václav Kuneš and Stephen Shropshire. Since 2006 Itamar starts developing as a choreographer. In the beginning of 2009 he becomes Artist in Development at Danshuis Station Zuid. In that year Itamar creates pieces with amateurs, students and with the professional field. In 2010 he became house choreographer for Danshuis Station Zuid, in this capacity he created several short productions: Phenomena, UNDO, Ferrum and Lust. His work has been showed in London, Llubljana and five Finnish cities.
Latest production LUST:

Press quotes"Serussi combines modern, industrial music with movements that seem to be borrowed from primates: very proud, very elegant." (Brabants Dagblad)
 " Serussi’s language of movement fascinates." (Volkskrant)
 "And then they go on quietly with their little deer jumps, yoga poses, ballet positions, knee bends and funny faces ..." (Times)
‘At the end of the piece my focus is so tightly pulled towards the dancers´ almost invisible pulsing that I find myself pulsing in my own seat. If only there is more of this.´ (The Place, Londen)

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