mono a new work by Itamar Serussi

The inspiration for mono came to Itamar Serussi while buying a Bugaboo for his newly born twins. The advertisement said ‘In three clicks from mono to duo’. That made him realize life is precisely about that. mono shows how several decisions, happenings and directions can come together, and thus explode in something new. Something exiting. Things that somehow ‘click’ in place with a big bang. But, although a completely new work, it is again a dazzling, 100% Itamar experience. So brace yourself…

Itamar in the press

'Serussi combines modern, industrial music with movements that seem to have been based on primates: very proud, very elegant.' (Brabants Dagblad)

'Serussi’s dance language fascinates!' (Volkskrant)

‘At the end of the piece my focus is so tightly pulled towards the dancers´ almost invisible pulsing that I find myself pulsing in my own seat. If only there is more of this.´ (The Place, Londen)

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